• AIS Group Collections

    AIS Group was originally formed in 2004 by former managers, veteran collectors & sales representatives from top collections firms in the U.S. Years later in 2015 AIS Group is still a competitive force in American collections and at the top of fraud and financial examinations - setting the bar high on ethics for the industry.

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  • New approach with modern technology

    AIS Group was designed and built by professionals with a fundamental and ethical approach to collections and legal financial investigations. Most agencies have the tools needed to provide collections, how we use the tools and our experience is what makes us successful.

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  • American Investigation Services Division

    Has your company been financially defrauded? With our external private investigator network, our in house CPA's, in house fraud examiners and our legal councel this licensed and bonded entity has the legal means to get to the bottom of your claim. With credit card fraud investigations to theft of services and unjust enrichment cases we work with and submit claims to local and state district attorneys, our public record and internal fiancial investigations could lead to arrest and prosecution of individuals and companies that defraud you.

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  • Recovery, Remittance, Reporting, Realtionships

    The four "R's" of collections. You will find a higher yield in RECOVERY, quicker REMITTANCE of your collected money, and long lasting, quality RELATIONSHIPS.

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  • International Association Of Commercial Collectors

    The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) is an international trade association comprised of more than 240 collection specialists and 160 commercial attorneys. AIS Group first became an IACC member in 2004 and still today in 2015 which is one of the largest associations of commercial collection specialists in the world.

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A multi faceted company with multiple divisions, offering a versatile and customizable collections program just for you or a financial fraud investigations division utilizing our networkd of investigators, attorneys and cpa's. Regardless if you are seeking a 3rd party collections, 1st party outsourcing, payment processing or billing without collections needs, legal forwarding, legal representation, fraud investigations or a financial asset and liability investigation, AIS Group and it's divisions can design and produce for your desired method of recovery.

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Amazing 10 day remittance

AIS Group is one of the very few agencies that is willing to remit your money back to you as soon as the funds have cleared the banks.

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Dedicated collections staff

AIS Group can increase your internal accounts receivables staff by the dozens without the additional costs of employees, insurance, computers and floor space.

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Superior client service

You are our #1 priority at AIS Group, client retention and satisfaction is what our staff prides ourselves on, we strive to make sure you are overwhelming happy with our service in every department.

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Additonal services

Wether you need 10 day demand letters, asset & liability reports, private investigators, Credit Bureau Checks or legal representation for seeking a judment..We are a full service organization.

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I am so impressed that they have collected our contingency fees from our debtors on over half of the accounts we placed with AIS, this made our negotiated rate actually drop in half from what they quoted us. Very very pleased with the results thus far. Keep up the good work!)– K. Johns - Controller - Atlanta, Ga.

Pretty impressed with the customer service from Robert & the staff. I have rarely seen such great reporting and communication after placing our accounts with a firm. - –T.E. CFO Concrete/Aggregates industry.